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This is a starting point for jbwiz.com. Not everything is completely fleshed out; the navigation at the top still needs the pages built that it links to. SARC is active; yet still maintains the old look of the site.

Bear with me for a few weeks while I get the remainder of the pages fleshed out. When I have all the pages linked up and filled with content I'm going to take the "noindex" flag off the site and then I should start getting indexed with search engines.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to share. You should have my email address to do this.

Okay. Off I go to work on the other pages.

No Username Required

JBWIZ is a semi-formal place

I like to make things that help people do simple, menial, mind numbing office tasks and make them easier. The space here will be used to create simple tools (some complex) that users can access from their work computers and speed up their workflow. Currently the site is open for anyone to use. I don't ask you to create a username or enter in your customers personal data. Most of the software here just does the heavy lifting in regard to math and date/time.

My dear wife

My wife has an interesting job in property management. So the first tool we worked on together was the Super Awesome Rent Calculator - SARC for short and will be referred to as such from this point on. During a semester of college I signed up for a PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) class and became interested in porting over the SARC from a desktop application to a web based one. PHP has allowed me to get a simple tool into the hands of the folks in her office and we didn't have to worry about installing anything on their computer or what would happen when it came time for updates.

Not so secret motivations

It is all in fun, study and showcase to future employers that this site exists. This space will evolve from time to time; but the idea behind keeping it simple so that people can work more efficiently is what will always drive the philosophy.


Have a great time with the SARC. If you need to know the specifics of how it works; let me know. This may or may not completely mimick tools you have in your office. Should there be a 8+ user audience for a modification of the SARC; I would consider making a change to the math behind the calculations for your needs. Of course if you just want to hire me to do this; that's another conversation all together. Will work for money!